Trophy Entry Form

 AFAC Trophy Entry Form


Please find the AFAC Trophy Entry Form 2015 below.

Please use this form when logging catches on Club Trips…….Download and print off a copy or two before you head out for a Club Trip and use this form to log the best catch of each day.

AFAC Catch Form

AFAC Trophy Entry Form

Let everyone know about that fish you have caught!

Step 1: Fill in basic information about yourself.

Step 2 Provide details about the fish you have caught.

(Weight in Kg x 3612800)
           (Length in cm3)
Step 3 Conditions of Entry, Trophy List and Certificates etc.

1. Entries to be made within 30 days of trout capture
2. Trophies may be completed for annually from 01 November to 31 October in the following year
3. "Catch and Release" entries are allowed
4. All financial members are eligible to enter
5. The Trophy Steward will place each entry in the most appropriate category according to the information provided
6. No trout may be entered into more than one trophy excepting all trout entries will additionally qualify for the President's Cup' mystery weight trout
7. No entry form is required for: - AFAC vs NSFF Inter Club Trophy, Auckland Regional Championship Cup, Flyfishing Cup, President's Cup or any of the non fishing competitions (ie: Fly Tying Trophy, Tisdalls Cup, AFAC-Rod & Reel Fly Tying Challenge, NZ Fishing News Literary Award or the Casting Competition events).
AFAC vs NSFF Inter Club Trophy: For annual inter club competition
Anguillidae Shield: Heaviest eel caught on a rod and line
Auckland Area Cup: Heaviest trout caught in Auckland/Waikato F&G area
Auckland Regional Championship Cup: Highest placed AFAC member in the Auckland Regional Championship
Flyfishing Cup: Heaviest aggregate weight of up to 3 trout caught on a CLub one day event
Fly Tying Cup: For the tying of a nominated selection of flies.
Ladies Best Trout Cup:Heaviest trout caught by a lady club member
Mariners Trophy: For heaviest trout caught from a boat
Open Area Cup: Heaviest Rainbow trout caught on a fly outside Auckland/Waikato F&G area
President's Cup: Mystery weight trout, drawn from all entries
Ross Mason Memorial Trophy: Heaviest trout caught whilst staying at the Tuangi Club Lodge
Salmon Cup: Largest salmon caught by a club member
Specimen Fish Cup: Heaviest Brown trout caught on a fly
Tisdall's Cup: Best fishing related photograph for the year
Cortland Cup: Best condition factor trout