Library Services

AFAC Library


For those members who wish to use materials, books, DVD’s and other resources, from the AFAC Library, we offer the following lists for your perusal.

These simple spreadsheets list Resources and Information that AFAC holds exclusively for its members, and is available to any member upon request.

Simply email the Librarian – and they will be in touch to assist you.

The AFAC Library will improve your game….and provide useful tips about lines, lures and leisure activities. Some of this material is priceless….so use it.!

To see the list of Library and DVD listing click on the appropriate sub menu item under Library Services

Requesting an Item: Just email the Librarian at EMAIL ADDRESS BELOW   advising item/s that you wish to borrow.  State title, author and AFAC item number.

The item/s will be made available on the next Club Night.

Loan Period: Approx one month: ie: from Club Night when items uplifted to the following month’s Club Night when the item/s should be returned to the Librarian.

A further one month extension may be possible provided no other member has reserved the said item. In such instances have the card re-validated via the Librarian on the scheduled night of return. Two months is the max loan period.