Fishing – Small Streams

Fishing Small Streams

Our Fishing Club offers fishing trips all year long and anyone can go – young, old, experienced or those out for their first trip. Our Club caters to the novice as well as the seasoned angler.

Once the Fly Fishing Bug has really taken hold of you, you might try a spot of fishing in small streams. Don’t be put off by the size of the stream either, I have hauled some very big trout out of small streams. Accessing the streams is relatively easy once you know where they are, but respect must be given to any land owner where the stream crosses their property. It never hurts to approach the farmer or land owner and ask permission. While small streams are easy to navigate, and less stressful than the Big Rivers, this beauty comes with a catch.

The trout are weary and will hear you coming. This is all about sight fishing, and your casting ability. You will loose dozens of flies as you attempt to perfect this technique, and the ‘F’ word will be heard in the thickest bush. The rewards are great, and this type of fishing exemplifies what trout fishing is all about. Stealth, cunning and skill. Once you have hooked up with a fish….you are on your own….there is nowhere to run, just upstream or downstream….hope you are fit.