AFAC Turangi Lodge Rules

3 Te Hei Place


Departure time is 11am on the last morning of your stay unless otherwise arranged. 

The Turangi Club House is run by the Club to provide accommodation for individual members, families and groups at an affordable rate. The tariffs are required to cover costs associated with running the house.
The House sleeps a maximum of 8 people: it comprises 1 x bedroom with a double bed, 1 x bedroom with twin beds and a bunk room for 4 people.

The front entry gate and front door to the house are secured by combination locks. The Bookings Officer will provide you with the codes when you make a booking.
The front gate combination lock must be kept secure when not in use. Please do not leave it unlocked and hanging on the front gate. The second street front gate is padlocked and the key to the padlock is attached to a cup hook in the kitchen. The same key unlocks the drying room at the end of the car port.
This key must not be taken off-site.
The burglar alarm is located in the kitchen on the side of the first set of cupboards and needs to be deactivated on entering the house. The code will be issued with your booking confirmation. Enter in the code and the alarm will deactivate.
Please reset the alarm and pull the front door to each time you leave the house, checking that it is locked.
Keys for the window and woodshed are hanging on the hooks under the cupboard units in the kitchen – key number 623 is for the kitchen window and 251 for all the other window locks in the house.
These keys must not be taken off-site.
There is a wooden rod in the well of the ranch slider. It needs to be removed, the bolt slid down and the lock opened in order to gain access to the outside deck. If using chairs outside on the deck, please take them back into the house before you depart.

Please check the house is clean and tidy before settling in and let the Bookings Officer know if there are any problems.
The vacuum cleaner and new bags are in the hall cupboard. Please let the Bookings Officer know if the supply of vacuum cleaner bags is running low.
All household rubbish must be removed from the property at the end of your stay. Please do not leave rubbish bags for collection on the kerb. Rubbish can be taken to the waste transfer station in Turangi or taken home for disposal.
Cleaning liquids for the bathroom and toilet are left on the windowsills.
Kitchen cleaners, detergent and dishwashing powder are in the cupboard under the sink.

The drying room at the back of the garage may be used for drying wet fishing gear and hand washed laundry items. To activate the drying room dehumidifier and heater, press the green button on the wall behind the dehumidifier. If the dehumidifier fails to start, check the water tank in the dehumidifier to ensure that it is not full.
The yellow Anti-Didymo bin in the carport is for cleaning fishing gear between visits to different waters only. IT IS NOT A RUBBISH BIN!
Light the fire for general warmth in the house. There should be a good supply of firewood in the shed. Please notify the Bookings Officer well in advance if stocks are looking low. Replace kindling for the next users. Please keep the use of electric heaters to a minimum.
Please use a bottom sheet or a sleeping bag and your own pillow cases on the beds at all times.

On Departure
Please ensure that the house is left clean and tidy.
Please ensure that all rubbish has been disposed of or taken with you.
Please ensure that the house is secure and check that all keys have been left at the property.
Please let the Bookings Officer know if you had any problems during your stay.

A Friendly Reminder:

    1. Smoking is prohibited inside the house. If smoking outside, all butts must be removed before departure. Do not deposit butts into the kitchen drain.
    2. Pets are not permitted inside the house. Any animal droppings must be picked up and removed from the grounds.
    3. “Camping” Inside or outside the house is not permitted. Sufficient beds are provided. Maximum eight (8) occupants at all times.
    4. Noise – Occupants are expected to take a considerate approach towards fellow occupants and neighbours at all times.

Please let the Bookings Officer know if you needed to get a tradesman to fix a problem.
Almos Plumbing 021 058 1112 or 07 3867147 can sort out any plumbing problems.