Presidents Quill

First Cast October 2018


This is the second First Cast under our club’s new name. I am still getting my head around Auckland Flyfishing Club and still find myself saying Auckland Freshwater Anglers Club. Everything takes time and I can only improve in the future. The new name does reflect much better who we are and what we do.

The last month for me was to say rather harrowing as I have had to find a new place to live, Have and entertain, drive around have meeting with my boss from Melbourne but the thing I miss most was being unable to attend the club’s Turangi trip due to an age old injured back problem. Last year’s trip was fantastic, but I have heard that this year was a little more difficult fishing wise. With John Stevenson involved, the food would be to die for and the organization would be great.

A reminder that this Monday night there will be casting practice on the hill before the meeting so bring a rod, reel and line. We all need to brush up on our casting as the new season is upon us and if you cannot put a fly to where a fish wants it, you have no chance to catch it. It also is great practice for our casting competition before our November meeting and keep in mind, there are trophies to be presented. While on the subject of trophies, please return all that you have to Ron Holmes at the next meeting or at the latest, November meeting. I have two speakers I have spoken to and they both have the flue. I will know further on Sunday, but we have another in reserve.

Our next club trip is to the Waipa River on a single day. Last year’s trip was very successful as many fish were caught mainly by the captain of the Kiwi fly-fishing team and his charges. As I will be shifting house on the 13th and 14th of this month, it again pains me not to be able to attend but I hope as many members that can will be present. It is a great river to fish and I am sure as this season has been very late, there will be large fish still in the system.
November’s trip is to the Whanganui and there is no way I am going to miss this one. I was a controller on this river in SFFNZ river finals and watched some of New Zealand’s best fly fishers in action. If you ever get the chance to be a controller, you learn so much from NZ’s best fly fishers.


Yes, it’s that time again – subscriptions are due! However like many things in life there is a silver lining to it – a FREE night in our Turangi Lodge! (If paid by 31 October2018.) We very much value your membership – it’s the reason that we have such a vibrant club.

Many people in the angling and freshwater fraternity are most concerned about a proposed Bill that has already has had its first reading in the House – it’s the Conservation (Indigenous Freshwater Fish) Amendment Bill and while we are all supportive I am sure, about the wellbeing of our indigenous freshwater fish, the implications of the Bill in terms of its impact on our sports fishery (trout and salmon) is considerable.

Fish and Game were not consulted during the preparation of the Bill and their ability to manage the fishery could be considerably reduced. DO TAKE ACTION HERE – numbers count. See further information and links below – the Fish and Game link is particularly good –

Did you manage to get a line in the water on Opening Day? I have heard some good accounts of a great day being had by those lucky enough to make it which bodes well for a good season. Have you bought your licence? It’s easy and quick to do on line

Looking forward to seeing you at Monday’s club meeting at our great venue – the Panmure Yachting and Boating Club on the Tamaki at Panmure.

John Rumpf