Presidents Quill

First Cast August 2021


Hold the presses!

In the last month I caught fish. A miracle of sorts. I only caught two on the morning of the first day for our recent club trip to Tauranga-Taupo to Kereru Lodge, but I no longer feel quite so fraudulent helming the Flyfishing Club.

I am always excited by August, the weather noticeably changes and hope springs eternal.Club wise we are making some long-mooted changes and you will be appraised of these as they come on stream.

Most importantly we will be using someone from outside the committee to manage and control bookings for the Turangi Lodge.

So, everybody, say hello to Michelle Devlin.

Details for bookings will be sent to members as we finalise and iron out the kinks of operating the facility this way. Bear with us, please, if things take a week or two to get sorted.


Annual General Meeting

Do not forget the AGM to be held at Rod and Reel on the 9th of August. Although it is too late to bring any new items to the agenda we always appreciate a good turnout, and there are plenty of jobs to go around should you fancy helping our committee grow your club.

Turangi lodge

I managed to get down and check over recent upgrades and the replacement Power Board is satisfactory and fits well enough. The paint does not quite match, but it’s not a blight, and will do until we look at a full repaint.

The new curtains and carpet combo is good and the kitchen working well. The drying room is functioning well, and the stove elements were also checked. Grounds, sheds and carport all clean and swept. We have several volunteer members who will check on the property from time to time, Vince Carmine and Steve Warhaft, who will report any issues.

We’ve replaced the bathroom fan unit with a 4 heat and light fan system as there was no lighting in that room and the fan had failed.
As an asset, the Lodge is the jewel in our crown, and it is a great place to stay and fish from. If you haven’t made the effort to try it out, do so.

Fly Fishing Film Festival

Brendon Frater, has informed us that the bookings are progressing well for the first of our fly festival films. We have opened it to the public via Rod and Reel and the  Salt Fly Club membership.

Please remind people about this and encourage them to go to Eventbrite and book.

50th anniversary

Next year marks a remarkable milestone for our club, we’ll celebrate 50 years in July, and we are looking at possible ideas to celebrate and mark this milestone with a nod of respect for all our past colleagues. If you have something you want to impart or include please contact me by email.


I am very pleased with the way our club is coming together. I especially appreciate the efforts of the committee in taking over tasks and bringing energy to the table, thank you all. On one hand it seems like only a month since last year’s AGM, and on the other it feels like a lifetime. Thank you for all your input, ideas, passion and support.

Brian Jones

I would like to take the opportunity, on behalf of our committee, to thank Brian for his years of service to the club, in various capacities, including Secretary, over many years. Brian has been Treasurer for as long as I have been a member, and we owe him our sincere thanks and gratitude for all those hours of selfless work that no one else sees. But we all know what it takes. So we hope you continue to enjoy decades of fishing without further club management concerns – we hope we can do you proud. Cheers.

Dates to remember:

Annual General Meeting, 9th August, Rod and Reel Clubroom, 480d Broadway, Newmarket.

Fly Fishing Film Festival, 30th August, 7 30pm, Monterrey Cinema, Takapuna.

Bookings on Eventbrite, or at Rod and Reel.


Thanks to the members for an interesting year; I’ve done my best to fit into Past Presidents shoes, and I appreciate all the quiet words of encouragement, the phone calls and the emails.

Tight lines


President AFAC