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Booking system for the Turangi House.

We have created a booking availability calendar to assist you in making a reservation for the club house in Turangi.

Steps to make a booking:-
  1. Review available dates etc displayed in the booking availability calendar below.
    The calendar displays six months at a time so if you wish to look further out in the year just use the <<   >>  symbols at the top of the calendar to move backwards or forwards to the month you require.
  2. You will notice light grey, pale blue and dark blue coloured cells. Light grey indicates the dates are available, pale blue indicate that some beds or rooms have been reserved but others may still be available, so check with the booking officer at to confirm whether your requirement can met. The dark blue cells means that a member has booked the entire house.
When contacting the booking officer you will need to provide the following information.
  1. Advise the booking Officer of the number of people in your party and their status i.e. AFAC members or non- members and if possible advise the names of all individuals in your party.
  2. Specify the type of booking required e.g. Whole House, Single Bed, Twin Room, … etc.
  3. The Booking Officer will email the following Information:
  • A copy of the House Rules
  • Information documents
  • An account summary for the projected amount.
  • Codes for the gate locks, front door and burglar alarm
  • A copy of the Check List which lists the cleaning requirements and maintenance suggestions.
    It is important that you are aware of all the requirements so please read the information carefully.
  • Payment is required within five (5) days of vacating the House. Payments may also be made in advance if preferred.
  • Bookings are taken on a “first in, first served” basis. Whole House bookings can only be made if there are no prior individual bookings for the same date/s.
  • Bookings can generally be made up to 12 months in advance (or longer at the discretion of the Booking Officer). House or Group bookings made three (3) months or more in advance, require a deposit of five dollars ($5)/head/night or 25% of the projected total, whichever is the greater. In the event of cancellation the deposit may be forfeited if the property cannot be re-let for the same period.
  • Where cancellation is unavoidable, please notify the Booking Officer immediately. A minimum of seven (7) days notice is required to allow re-booking of the House. Cancellations of less than seven (7) days notice may incur a cancellation fee of five dollars ($5)/head/night or 25% of the projected total, whichever is the greater, if the property cannot be re-let for the same period.
Current Nightly Tariffs for general bookings (as at 12/08/2019) are:

AFAC members                                     $25.00 –  per person per night
Associated club members                   $30.00 –  per person per night
Non AFAC members                            $30.00  –  per person per night
AFAC member whole of house        $100.00  –  per night, maximum eight persons
Affiliated clubs whole of house        $120.00  –  per night, maximum eight persons

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