Rules for Turangi (April 2012)

Rules for the Use of the AFAC House, Turangi

  1. The Booking Officer has responsibility for all day to day user enquiries. Any issues arising regarding the rules, booking system, facilities etc should be referred to The Booking Officer.        
  2. Booking enquiries should be made by the Booking system for Turangi Lodge. 
  3. An Account Summary will be issued and should be settled at this time.
  4. Bookings can only be made by current financial members of AFAC or current financial members of other approved Fresh Water Angling Clubs. Responsibility for adherence to the rules and the conduct of such other members and guests shall rest with their Club/s.
  5. All members wishing to use the AFAC House, Turangi, at any time, must check the availability of the proposed dates in advance. This also applies where a member is already staying in the house and wishes to invite further guests at short notice. In the unlikely event that the Booking Officer is unavailable, all reasonable attempts must be made to check the advance booking status of the House. Failure to do so may result in restrictions being placed on future bookings.
  6. Names and membership status of intended users must be given at the time of booking, except where the booking is for the complete house. For safety reasons, names of all people staying in the House at any given time should be notified to the Booking Officer as soon as possible and prior to the stay.
  7. The maximum permitted number of occupants at any time is eight (8). All occupants are expected to use the beds provided. The use of additional bedding in the lounge or similar is strongly discouraged and the total occupancy must not exceed eight (8) people unless express permission has been granted by the full Club Committee.
  8. The House is provided to give quality accommodation for individual members, families and groups at affordable prices. The tariffs reflect the cleaning obligations that must be maintained to ensure a quality experience for all users. The property should not be regarded as a “crash pad” and must be respected at all times. Any damage noticed either before or after your arrival must be reported on electronic feedback form found here.
  9. All users of the AFAC House, Turangi are required to clean the House in accordance with the required standards as set out in the Departure Check List and are required to complete the electronic feedback form within five (5) days of departure. Large groups staying for five (5) days or more may, at the discretion of the Club Committee, be required to have the House cleaned by a Commercial Cleaner at their expense. Details of a local cleaning contractor may be found in the House.
  10. Camping of any description on or around the grounds of the House is prohibited.

10. Pets are permitted on the grounds but must not be allowed into the House. All animal droppings must be completely removed from the property on departure.

11. Smoking in the House is prohibited at all times but smoking on the grounds is permitted provided that all butts are removed on departure.    

12. All rubbish including recyclable rubbish must be removed from the premises on departure and another rubbish bag inserted into the waste bin. You will need to provide your own bag which may be purchased locally at the New World Supermarket. A map showing the location of the Refuse Transfer Station is posted in the House. Current Fees (01/02/2009) are $1.50 per bag.