Important Information Turangi Lodge
Departure time is 12pm on the last morning of your stay unless otherwise arranged.


  1. If using the key at the House, the lock box is situated behind the black fence on an upright post, adjacent to the deck. To access the key, open the weather cover shield, dial in the combination supplied and press the lever above the dials. The front of the box will open to reveal the key. Please put the key back in the lockbox each time you leave the House in case others require access.
  2. The key opens the padlock on the gate, the screen door, the back door and the drying room in the carport.
  3. The burglar alarm is located in the kitchen on the side of the first set of cupboards and needs to be deactivated on entering the House. Code will be issued at the time of booking. Punch in the code and alarm will deactivate. Please re-set the alarm and lock the back doors, each time you leave the premises.
  4. Please check that the House is clean and tidy before settling in and note any problems. These will need to be recorded on the electronic feedback form.
  5. Keys for the windows and the woodshed are hanging on hooks under the cupboard units in the kitchen – key number 623 is for kitchen window and 251 for all other window locks. Do not remove any of these keys from the House.
  6. There is a wooden rod in the well of the ranch slider that needs to be removed, the bolt slid down, and the lock opened in order to gain access to the outside deck. If using any chairs outside on the deck, please take them back into the House before you depart.
  7. The vacuum cleaner and new bags are in the hall cupboard.
  8. Cleaners for the bathroom, toilet are left on the windowsills.
  9. Kitchen cleaners, detergent and dishwasher powder are in the cupboard under the sink.
  10. The drying room at the back of the garage may be used for drying wet fishing gear or hand washed items. To activate the drying room dehumidifier and heater, press the green button on the wall behind the dehumidifier. This will turn on the heater as well. The timer is set for 2 hours and may be restarted if required. Please be economical with the use of the drying room.
  11. Light the fire for general warmth in the House. There should be a good supply of firewood in the shed. Replace kindling for the next users. Please keep the use of electric heaters to the minimum.
  12. Please use a bottom sheet or sleeping bag and your own pillow cases on beds at all times.