September 2012 Fly Tying Challenge pattern
September 2012 Fly Tying Challenge pattern entries due October club night

korbays czech nymph

Hook:              # 10 or 12 curved caddis

Thread:            Olive

Weight:           1 piece heavy lead wire along top of hook-shank

Body:              Fine olive dubbing, nicely tapered, ‘picked-out’ on underside

Thorax:            Fine black dubbing, ‘picked-out’ on underside

Shell-back:      Narrow olive Magic Shrimp Foil, (or equivalent) end of body to head,

                        ribbed with medium mono-filament.

Head:              Olive, small & neat.

Notes:              1: Note carefully the fly proportions in the illustration.

                        2: You may also view this pattern on the AFAC web-site.

                        3; August pattern, Grey Ghost, entries due September club night or posted/delivered

                             to me to 20 Fraser Rd Papatoetoe, Auckland 2025, the next day.

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