John Giacon, who will be known to older Club members, passed away on 3 July aged 84.

John’s life revolved around fly fishing in all its aspects. He was a foundation member of Auckland Freshwater Anglers’ Club and subsequently represented the club on the NZ Alliance of Freshwater Anglers, eventually becoming the secretary and later president of that organisation, which in 1976 became the NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers.

In parallel, John was active in the NZ Recreational Fishing Council. Both of these organisations devoted much of their energy in preserving and enhancing our fisheries in the face of competing interests.

For five years from 1994 he was the manager of Tisdalls Sports fishing department; the Queen Street shop being a lunchtime magnet for anglers working in the CBD, even if they had no intention of buying anything.

During this time, he became enthused about saltwater fly and between 1996 and 2002, with his long-time friend Noel Osborne, organised a series of tournaments based at the Bay of Islands and the Whangaroa Harbour.

In between times, John wrote half a dozen books, made several fly tying videos, taught beginners the art of casting and arranged trips for same. I was one who benefited from his experience and advice.

Dennis Smith

John was proud of his Italian heritage and he named one of his very effective stillwater flies La Giaconda after the opera of the same name.


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