2018 Kilwell Waikato trout comp update

We thank and acknowledge Michael Lynch for the following update

Updating you all- we have approx 33 trout entered so far, the bulk of these from the weekend weigh ins!

Only one rainbow so far (Steve Sharpe) and rest browns. Graham Mc Haffie leads with heaviest fish 2.550 kg, next Steve Farrar with 2.510, followed by Andrea Sharpe with her 2.480 brown from first morning. That fish still comfortably leads condition factor at 55.35, next one down is 44.59 from Tracey Farrar, so the ladies going well!

Seven fish have been entered by juniors, Dylan Farrar currently leads with a 2.160 brown, Ocean Leigh Hughes 2nd with 1.774 kg.

So far the average condition factor overall is 39.39, length average 50.1cm, so on par with previous years.

We now have 55 entrants- 32 adults and 23 juniors. Welcome to the many new entrants this year, always good to see!

We have had good fishing conditions with overcast skies, light wind. Towards end of comp we have odd showers tomorrow with a possible heavy rain at night, occasional showers Friday and Sat morning, clearing for the afternoon. This is good news, we need a bit of the wet stuff to excite the fish even more, and drop the water temp which peaked about 15 deg average earlier in week, now back slightly to 14.5 degrees.

We started the comp with 7.6m water level at Huntly, it dropped to 7.1m but is now back up around 7.5m. The fish are definitely keen to attack anything, I had only a small amount of time today but even in the middle of the afternoon there was plenty of action.

Some tips- I’ve continued to have a lot of success with the Storm soft baits, in particular the larger 9cm/12g “wildeye muddler” minnow paddletail, caught 3 in very quick succession yesterday afternoon from 4 pm, best nearly 2.2 kg. I’m casting upstream a lot more this year, winding lure back to me just faster than current. I’m hooking the bottom occasionally, most of the time they come off, and I even hooked a brown straight after getting the lure loose, so they’re definitely down deep. Today I saw a lot of whitebait movement at Huntly, and the clarity was good on the west side of the river, and I had a great view of a trout smashing the whitebait right at my feet- he attacked from both upstream and behind the whitebait , so look for the tell tale signs of bait leaping out of the water in close to the bank. I’m also getting hits and takes on bibbed hard baits and spinners, still thrown upstream. It’s vitally important you fish river edges that have a good current flowing, find the outside bends of the river and you’re in business!

William has set up our 2018 facebook page- follow the link below-, and there’s plenty of pics on there.


Reminder- If you take some action/scenic photos on the river during the comp and would like to share them, please email them to William at williamvzyl@xtra.co.nz (This is the correct email, I got it wrong last time!) and he’ll put them up on Facebook for you. You can also ring him on mobile 022 078 7624 or landline 07 828 6555 if you’re out and about near Huntly, and he’ll come and take your pics at the river’s edge!

The Shimano Baitrunner combo raffle was so popular last year we’re running a similar one this year, it will be at Taupiri tavern for the whole contest period, $5 ticket or 3 for $10.

The Kilwell prizes are all here, plus the Sweetmans Reel Fishin’ balance, and we also will have a cooking demonstration featuring smoked trout from Mike Geelen at the prizegiving around 4 pm, so don’t miss it!

Tight Lines everyone, and see you at the prizegiving!

Mike Lynch

027 621 4207

2018 Kilwell lower Waikato river trout contest

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