Want to repair modify your neoprenes

Being a short stocky sort of fellow, and having purchased a pair of waders while down at the Tongariro recently I needed to get the legs shortened.

Tried Magnum but they weren’t interested as they weren’t their product, so had a phone around and came across Wetties Wetsuits at 121 Rosedale Road in Albany, Auckland.

Dropped them in on a Tuesday and had them couriered back to me at Waipu (south of Whangarei) to arrive on the Saturday just a matter of a few days.

Was most impressed with their service and the alteration where they removed probably 4″ out of the leg length.  Did a great job and unless you knew they had been done you wouldn’t have even known they had been changed.  The cost only $75.00 and $10.00 courier charge.

So if you need a repair or modification then I can certainly recommend this company.

E-mail Address: admin@wettie.co.nz

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