Auckland FlyFishing Anglers Club Update

Rod & Reel will be closed for the next four weeks

Club Nights are postponed until further notice.

The Turangi Lodge will not be available to members during the present lock down.

The Riffles magazine will still be published so if you have any interesting articles please send to Peter Chan at this link Email Me

Important information for anglers and hunters regarding COVID-19


Source: Fish and Game NZ


The Government’s clear intention at this stage is that fishing and hunting are prohibited during the Alert Level 4 lock down period. If and when we receive other advice from the Government we will change our position.

Therefore, Fish & Game New Zealand are urging all anglers and hunters to do the right thing and stay at home while New Zealand is at COVID-19 Alert Level Four.

“Unfortunately, being at Level 4 means that anglers and hunters aren’t able to do the pursuits that they love,” Fish & Game New Zealand Chief Executive Martin Taylor says.

“The advice we have is that at Alert Level 4 anglers and hunters should not undertake activities that expose them and others to higher levels of risk. We are also advised that DOC huts and campsites are closed as they do not meet minimum separation requirements.”

New Zealand Search and Rescue (NZSAR) is asking people to stick to simple outdoor exercise and avoid areas where they could get lost or require search and rescue. NZSAR want to ensure that emergency services are available to help those in the greatest need. Fishing and hunting, even close to home, inherently carry a degree of risk and it is important for anglers and hunters not to further burden our emergency services and healthcare system. Staying in and around home is simply the right thing to do.

“It is heart-breaking to not be able to spend time in the outdoors, especially as for many of us this is our main way to destress, but we all have our part to play to beat COVID-19,” Mr Taylor says.

“The point of the next four weeks is to kill the virus in New Zealand so that life goes back to normal as quickly as possible. Let’s stay home for four weeks then we can get outdoors and back into angling and hunting.”

The Level 4 lockdown period is scheduled to end prior to the start of the game bird season, and if we are all responsible during the next four weeks the game bird season is on.

We ask for your patience while we piece together the complexities of what we are facing. In particular, we will have further advice on pegging day as soon as possible.

It is our intention to give anglers and hunters ongoing updates on our facebook page and website.

Please keep up-to-date with all the most recent Government guidance around COVID-19 at



Fish & Game Chief Executive, Martin Taylor – 027 453 5348

Fish & Game Communications Advisor, Brian Anderton – 021 026 35538

Fish & Game Communications Adviser, Richard Cosgrove – 021 646 245


Fish & Game manage trout, salmon and game birds to provide healthy recreation for Kiwis.

We work to protect the environment that anglers and hunters have enjoyed as a tradition for over 150 years.



Welcome to the home of the Auckland Flyfishing Anglers Club Inc (AFAC).

Our beautiful country offers some of the best very fishing in the world. We strive to make your fly fishing experience memorable and worth talking about. We are committed to providing you with great …. and sometimes guided ….. fishing trips to all parts of the North Island, and all the tips you need to know about fly fishing in this great country of New Zealand.

Why our club.?

We have been meeting on a regular basis for 40 years now. We are the largest fly-fishing club in New Zealand with 100 plus active members. Over recent months we have been growing and gaining great support from business partners, other clubs and environmental groups.


The focus of our club for many years has been on fresh water river and lake fishing for trout and salmon, but as you will have noticed we have recently changed our name to be more inclusive of fly fishing in general to include the increasingly popular art of salt water fly fishing.  A decision was made to change the clubs name in order to provide a greater experience for all those involved in the sport of fly fishing.

We are currently working with other clubs within New Zealand so we can all mutually benefit and share our resources.
Our club website and monthly newsletters gain interest from anglers all over the world.

Enjoy our monthly magazine Riffles with great reports by the members and sponsors.

Since 1972 the Auckland Freshwater Anglers Club has supported the interests of freshwater fly fishing folk predominately living in the Auckland region.  We are proud to have extended this to include salt water fly fishing as many of our membership participate in both salt and fresh water fishing.  With over 100 active members and 1000’s of viewers and contributors the club enjoys a strong social, knowledge sharing and activities in the fly fishing arena.

Interested but never quite known how to get started?

Have a look at our membership section; whether you’re a complete beginner or a Silver Fly we have over 400 years of experience and tales to share.

mission statement

As a club we are here to support fly fishing predominately throughout the North Island of New Zealand. To support and promote fresh  and salt water fly fishing as a sport and as a lifestyle across the country. We help the beginners and the experienced members of our club become proficient fishermen and encourage the camaraderie commonly found in the angling fraternity. We are also very conscious of the environment and encourage all our members to fish sustainably and to protect this lifestyle for future generations of anglers.

AFAC calendar of events

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